Socialization FAQ

What is the source of fear in kids who are afraid of school (And adults who have terrible memories of school)?
Bullies and cliques (socialization)

What do classroom teachers spend most time learning in school? Crowd control (socialization)

Which students get the most personal attention from the teacher? Trouble-makers (socialization)

What is the biggest waste of time in the classroom? Talking (socialization)

What is the main reason students want to go to school? Socialization

What is the one thing teachers and administrators continually insist is NOT what students are in school for? Socialization

When community leaders and school administrators get together to discuss problems in the schools and how to make schools safer and more productive, what issue are they usually addressing? Socialization

Fights, riots, gangs, pregnancies, stem from which popular aspect of schooling? Socialization.

The accepted but unstated goal of many middle and high school students is to impress their friends and classmates with the most inappropriate behavior they can get away with. Does this stem from a desire to do well in school or is it a facet of ________?

Answer: socialization

What is the aspect of schooling that schooled people are worried that homeschoolers are missing? Socialization.