Educational Options on Guam

There are three different educational options for children on Guam; four if you are in the military.

First, of course, is public school. I'm not going to comment much about public schools on Guam. You can pick up the PDN or watch the local news to get the heads up on what the public schools are like. You can usually count on a news story concerning public education to occur at least once a week. I know for some parents there are no other options but public school. For those who have no choice the one recommendation I have is to be an involved parent. Meet your children's teachers and administrators. Make your presence known in the school. Get involved in parent groups and volunteer your time to help out in the classroom. Expect to have some form of involvement in your child's education and do not expect the public schools to do it all for you. There are good teachers out there, I know. Many of them are my friends. Hopefully you will get one of the good ones for your children.

For those who can afford private education, Guam has a wide variety to choose from. Most private schools are either Catholic or Christian. St. John's is considered the most prominent private school on Guam and is run by the Episcopalian church. However, many would not classify this as a Christian school, even though it is advertised as such. But it is considered the best Academic school. They also have a great theater program. Tuition ranges from $9,100 to $13,100 per student per year, almost double that of other private schools on Guam.

Other Christian schools range from the style of teaching, curriculum used, size, tuition cost and purpose. Harvest Christian School and St. Paul's Christian School are the largest and use a text book approach. They use a mixture of ABeka, Bob Jones and secular text books. There are also several A.C.E. schools on Guam, some with an outreach ministry and some that require a statement of faith signed by parents in order to attend. Several new smaller Christian schools have started up over the past few years. Prices can range from $300 - $600/mth for tuition.

There is a predominantly Catholic population here, so there are many Catholic schools to choose from. High schools offer both segregated and non-segregated options. Father Duenas Memorial School is the all boys' Catholic school and Academy of Our Lady of Guam is the all girls' Catholic school. Co-Ed high schools include Notre Dame, and St. Thomas Aquinas. There are numerous elementary and middle school Catholic schools as well.

An entire list of all Guam schools can be found on Wikipedia.

The third option is homeschooling and where many who read this website will find themselves.

Finally, if you are a military dependent you are eligible for the DODEA schools (Dept. of Defense). Guam is currently experiencing a military buildup with the transfer of 10,000 Marine families within the next few years. As a result several new DODEA schools are in the process of being built. The DODEA schools supposedly are better than the Guam public schools, but as with any gov't run school have their issues. We have several military families who have opted to homeschool while on Guam.