Math Products & Reviews

There are so many math curricula & websites out there that I couldn't possibly do them justice to review them all. I hope to be able to review the few that I am familiar with as I have time. In organizing my resource shelf I found that I have no less than 5 different Algebra textbooks on my shelf, at least 3 different Geometry books, several middle school texts and various bits and pieces of other grades. However, when it comes to teaching my children math, we rarely open these books. We tend to use real life situations more, or browse online and check out various math websites.

One of my favorite sources for math games and ideas is I subscribe to Maria Miller's math newsletter and this month she has some great reviews of various math programs. Not one to reinvent the wheel I thought I'd let Maria tell my readers about them. Check out her September Newsletter

Check back later this month for some of my own math reviews.