Where can I find Support on Guam?

Now homeschoolers on Guam have a choice of where to find support in their homeschooling endeavors.

First  there is the local Guam Home School Association. GHSA is a homeschooling support group led by conservative Christians, with a diverse group of members from other faiths, within their membership guidelines. More information can be found on their new website guam-hsa.org

There are also the following homeschool support groups and Facebook pages for resources.

1. Guam Christian Homeschool Co-op- GCHC
Admin: Ashley Harr 
94 members as of June 2016 
Description: The homeschool co-op is an active group, which meets together on a weekly basis in various locations around the island. Military and permanent Guam residents homeschoolers are all welcome to join. They offer two 6 week long semesters of enrichment classes each school year, one in the fall and one in the spring. These semesters combine parents’ abilities and resources in a collective effort to broaden the scope of home-based education. Because the teachers are parents and volunteers who willingly share their talents, what they offer changes each semester. Examples of classes that have been offered in the past include biology, ancient Egypt, Spanish, P.E., music, and art. In addition to the semesters, this group offers monthly field trips and all group events. They also hold an annual spelling bee and science fair in May, a back to school carnival in August, and an end of school year party in June. You can contact them through their Facebook page at “Guam Christian Homeschool Co-op-GCHC.

2. Guam Military Christian Homeschoolers 
Admin: Ashley Harr
78 members as of June 2016 
Description: This Facebook group is a wonderful discussion group for homeschoolers on Guam. It is the perfect place to share homeschooling ideas, questions, and opportunities with other homeschoolers on the island. Only homeschool related discussions and topics are permitted on this page. There is no selling of items permitted on this page. This group is a discussion group only and does not meet. 

3. Guam Homeschool Material Sale and Exchange 
Admin: Ashley Harr
108 members as of June 2016 
Description: This is a Facebook group where individuals can sell and exchange new and used homeschool materials. 

4. Anderson AFB Homeschool Group
Admin: Tamera Lewis 
74 members as of June 2016
Description: This Facebook group is a good place to discuss homeschool related topics and share homeschool opportunities. The Air Force homeschool parents meet together for play dates and support meetings. Information on these get togethers are posted on this FB page.