Guam Parent Information Resource Center 477-PIRC

This is not a new resource, but I do apologize for taking so long to promote it through our web site(s). The Guam PIRC is just what it sounds like: a resource center for parents. So of course they have lots of educational resources, but they also have a wonderful array of general parenting resources, including pamphlets, books, magazines and computers.

The facility is in the Ada Commercial Complex in Downtown Hagatna. If you know where the Paradise Fitness Center’s Gym is, beside the Bank of Guam customer parking lot, that is where PIRC is located.

They have friendly staff (Really. I am not paid to write this!) and lots of helpful…well...resources.

The reading room or reception area has a bookshelf with amazingly relevant books. Colleen said she wanted to see if they have any information on Asperger’s Syndrome. The PIRC bookshelf has at least three books on the subject. Here is a picture of the reception area where I found the books with the help of Ms. Wusstig.


There is also a conference room featuring lots of space and plenty of chairs.


They have a fully-equipped computer lab with many work stations. We have advertised that you can use our computer stations and wi-fi at our beach office home school resource center, but I would recommend the PIRC computers because they have more table space, bigger computers, a quieter atmosphere, and in general it is a more professional set-up than my often-hectic office. They also have a copier and will make copies for you, within reason, of course. We also offer use of our copier at our resource center, but again, I suggest PIRC as a better choice. At least in part because they operate with grant funding and I operate with profit from my business. So go there for copies!

Below, you can see the computer stations.


I was fascinated at the amount of useful information about parenting. I am a veteran parent, but I helped myself to several useful and relevant brochures. (below)


The Guam Parent Information Resource Center is truly a resource for parents. I have had the pleasure of knowing the director, Ms. Pauline Camacho, for many years and have had the distinct pleasure of teaching her son—both in my high school class and in our driving school. The Camacho family is a great example of the best parts of Guam’s family life culture. The center is about family and parenting, here to help with special needs or general parenting support and assistance, but the Camacho family themselves are a beacon of good family life and loving and effective parenting.

I love the PIRC attitude; they care enough to be part of a team. They are there to assist, to join in with anyone who wants to help parents and families. They do not see competition or jurisdiction; they only see teamwork. So they really fit in with our vibe of just being available to whomever needs some information or support or encouragement. This really meshes with our goals as a driving school and as a resource center for Guam’s home school families.

They also have programs on an on-going basis and anything you can think of that you could use help with, they can and will help. The two workshops they are promoting right now are:

Free Parenting Workshop at the Lagu Resource Center, Dededo. Thursday, April 1 2010. Doors open at 8:45 am. 3 topics:

“Living a Safe and Healthy Life on Guam”

“How to Help Your Child Succeed”

“Study Skills”

The second is Free Training for Parents with Children Ages 0-5 years. This is a five-day training and families who want to participate are asked to call PIRC at 472-PIRC. The venue is TBA and they need to know how many people will likely attend.

In addition, I found on-going free training in the area of autism and other special needs.

There is a definite flavor of helping parents to make good educational choices. Most of the material assumes the child is in public school and the parental role is to assist and support in the educational process. The literature I took reinforces the content of my articles on this web site about the importance of parental involvement. It mirrors our philosophy and approach to literacy and a well-rounded education. We truly are on the same team!

NOTES: I got a brochure called “Kids Love to Learn—Parents Can Help.” The other one is entitled, “Being Involved in Your Child’s Education”. Kind of humorous for homeschoolers, but could be pretty enlightening for people accustomed to sending the kids off to school. I am not meaning to sound facetious about this. This kind of literature could really help parents think about what is an appropriate role in their children’s education and once they challenge the status quo, they will be more likely to consider taking the next step…

Photos: Sorry these are taken with my Blackberry. Not very good quality. But you can see what it is supposed to show and you can visit the Guam Parent Information Resource Center yourself to see what it really looks like. You will be impressed!

By Les