17 books

People often ask me, how do you homeschool your children? They know we don't use the more traditional methods. But they can't understand just what exactly it is we do. As unschoolers, or "delight driven" homeschoolers, what our children learn is often determined by their current passion which can be quite the mix of this and that. In fact the other day I was perusing the books on our bathoorm floor and started to laugh at the variety. The books represented an interesting week at our house. When Eric or Cassie ask a question I often will suggest a book to back up my response. Or they search out their own, based on their interests. As a result our eclectic style of homeschooling is defined by the books found on our bathroom floor.

Here is a list:
Dave Barry's Bad Habits
The Story of Troy by David Maule - A DK ELT Graded Readers
Guards! Guards! by 'Terry Pratchett
Phantom by Susan Kay (a retelling of Phantom of the Opera)
The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
The Genesis Code by John Case
Shave the Whales A Dilbert book by Scott Adams
The Tale of Benjamin Bunny by Beatrice Potter
Math Smart Junior II More Math Made Easy (The Princeton Review) by Paul Foglino
God Revealed by Graham Cooke
A Treasury of Curious George by Margaret and H.A. Reykkd
The Usborne World of Animals
Eats, Shoots and Leaves Why commas really do make a difference! by Lynne Truss
Great Adventure Stories A Watermill Classic
Unicorn Lunch by Nora Gaydos (a Phonics reader)
Pig Jigs by Nora Gaydos (a phonics reader)
Calvin & Hobbes (well used no cover)

Now you can pretty much tell who is reading (or has read) what. Most of the novels are mine. So is the devotional book. Phonics, Beatrice Potter and Curious George are all Cassie's. Eric's are the comics and the animal books, and the book on Troy. He was asking me about Greeks and Spartans so I thought that book was a good fit for him to read. Classics, Terry Pratchett and Dave Barry books belong to the big kids.

At least I know they read.