About Us

We believe parents have a responsibility to ensure their children get the best available education. The "system" is one way, but some people who challenge the wisdom of throwing children at a system will find themselves exploring various versions of homeschooling. Here we are to assist.

We are a family with five children, aged between 26 and 8 years old. We have been married for 28 years. We obviously believe in traditional marriage and family.

We own and operate our own business: Better Drivers Driving Education. We teach driver education to Guam's teens (and whoever else needs our service).

We live in Inarajan, but spend a lot of time at our business office and home school headquarters, which is located in E. Agana across from Shell and Citibank.

Our mission is to help anyone on Guam (or anywhere else, for that matter) with their efforts to find an educational solution for their family.

We are conservative Christians, but we are very happy to be in America, where freedom of speech and freedom of (and from) religion reign. In fact, my eldest son is serving in the USAF and is helping to insure these rights we enjoy.

We do not operate our Resource Center under a religious or philosophical banner. We just want to help.
Email: guamhomeschool@gmail.com